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What is Containerization ?

Containerization is an approach to software development in which an application or service, its dependencies, and its configuration (abstracted as deployment manifest files) are packaged together as a container image. The containerized application can be tested as a unit and deployed as a container image instance to the host operating system (OS).

Just as shipping containers allow goods to be transported by ship, train, or truck regardless of the cargo inside, software containers act as a standard unit of software that can contain different code and dependencies. Containerizing software this way enables developers and IT professionals to deploy them across environments with little or no modification.

Containers also isolate applications from each other on a shared OS. Containerized applications run on top of a container host that in turn runs on the OS (Linux or Windows). Containers therefore have a significantly smaller footprint than virtual machine (VM) images.

Build your own home automation system with Raspberry PI, NodeJS & MS-GPIO

Hi guys, I hope you all are doing well. Today I’m excited to present my first IOT adventure (smarthome) with you.

Why this post ?

I have worked on complete documentation of the Smarthome project, which will guide in building your own home automation system.
Smarthome project, is now available on github. This project contains both code and technical documentation (including circuit diagram). It will definitely help you to get started with your own IOT quest.

Code and Design Document :

Technical Documentation :

You can play with smarthome project, by cloning or downloading the code from github:

Working Demo :

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