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What is BoundedContext ?

Bounded Context is a central pattern in Domain-Driven Design. It is the focus of DDD’s strategic design section which is all about dealing with large models and teams. DDD deals with large models by dividing them into different Bounded Contexts and being explicit about their interrelationships

MS-GPIO : API for controlling Raspberry PI GPIO pins

MS-GPIO is a NodeJS API for controlling Raspberry PI GPIO pins.

MS-GPIO provides various operations, those are listed below :

  1. Reading a GPIO pin
  2. Writing to a GPIO pin
  3. Teardown all the exported GPIO pin


Raspbian OS must be preloaded/installed on Raspberry PI device. For installation refer this page

Latest version of node be installed on your Raspberry PI device, follow below steps to update node to latest version:

sudo apt-get install node

ms-gpio module can then be installed with npm:

npm install ms-gpio

Technical documentation and code can be found below :



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